“Elyse made me feel like Beyoncé. She made the whole day fun and made us feel absolutely fabulous. The way we felt on our wedding day was reflected in her photos - ultimate happiness + excitement. Her photography is unique, creative, and editorial. I was so turned off by the cheesy wedding photos I came across. Her photos had a story behind them. She has a creative eye to make even the ordinary look extraordinary. We have received so many compliments on our wedding photos! They are so beautiful and capture so many emotions and special moments from the day. Her photography speaks for itself, but she is also so much fun to work with!




“Elyse was by far our favorite vendor - her professionalism, poise, and style were off the charts and exactly what we wanted with a photographer. Her style was definitely the biggest factor in us choosing her over anyone else. We are so in love with our photos. They came out exactly how we wanted and she captured the day perfectly. Every detail shot was incredible, and the portraits are gorgeous. Looking through the photos makes us feel like we are reliving the day all over again!”


“Uh, I wish we could spend every waking moment being photographed by Elyse...?! I seriously wish she could document our lives! We truly felt that we had a best friend by our side through the entire process and her cheerful, calming presence was exactly what we needed through it all. Choosing her as our photographer was one of the best decisions we could have made and we feel so lucky to have had her with us on our wedding day. All of our family and friends commented on how much they enjoyed spending time with her and how smooth everything photo-related felt. She handled our 13-person bridal party like it was no big deal and even though the day was crazy humid, it didn't phase her one bit! She photographed our day in a way that truly captured the essence of it all. The emotions, the silliness, and everything down to the little details. We love having these memories to cherish forever and the way she captured them was better than we could have dreamt or imagined.”