Green Acre Campus Pointe Wedding | Christy + Dan

Christy + Dan are these super cool people that get married on April Fool's Day. Prior to their wedding, I recall them saying they really just wanted an amazing, comfortable day with their friends + family. I think they nailed it.

How did he propose?

"We were going to Juniper and Ivy in Little Italy to celebrate our birthdays. Whenever we did something like this, I would always judge the likelihood of him proposing. I had the night's chances somewhere around 15% because the setting would have just been too perfect. So imagine my surprise when after dessert he started fumbling around under the table. I thought--is he checking sports scores on his phone?! But then I saw his phone was still on the table. That's when my heart started racing! He asked me to marry him then and after our server brought us champagne. In true Dan + Christy fashion, we ended the night snuggled on the couch watching Making a Murderer!"

On planning a wedding:

"The process for us was both super exciting and super stressful. Doing marketing and graphic design for a winery that hosts weddings gave me lots of opportunities to see what I did and didn't like from other people's weddings. It was a bit of a blessing and a curse since I tend to be a "march to my own drum" kind of girl. I think the most important thing for Dan and I was that all of our guests would be comfortable, well-fed, and that they would have fun no matter their personalities. We chose Green Acre Campus Pointe because the feel was a lot like us--eclectic but modern, refined but comfy and casual. Kelsey, our planner I connected with right away at an event at the winery where I work--I knew that she would be the perfect person to help us on this journey. As for Elyse, I saw photos that she shot for a wedding at the winery and loved them, and at the same time I had been following her work on Instagram for quite a while and LOVED the aesthetic. The same went for Witty Rentals, I want to LIVE inside their warehouse!"

What were your favorites moments of the day?

"I think my favorite moments were seeing Dan for the first look (I'm glad we got to have time together before the ceremony to just be with each other), and to see all of our guests having such a great time. Knowing that they were there supporting us filled me with so much love! Dan agrees, and would like to add that he liked hanging out in the groom's room beforehand with all the guys. He also really enjoyed sitting at our sweetheart table, being able to look out at all of our family and friends. An added bonus was having his niece sit on his lap during dinner."

Do you have any advice, big or small, for those that are planning their own wedding?

"I think the best advice is one that Dan kept hammering home to me during the planning process. I have anxiety and so I would often go on a downward spiral and get super overwhelmed. He would ask me, "what's next to do on the list?" and would tell me that I wasn't allowed to say "EVERYTHING!!!!" like I really wanted to. He told me to focus on just one task at a time and complete that one thing as much as I could before I moved on. I would also say take breaks and try not to think about it every day. You'll drive yourself insane."