Hey There,

My name is Elyse.


a few lovely things...



I'm based out of San Diego, California and married to my sweetheart-of-a-husband, Jacob. I love a good cup of coffee (but really, who doesn’t?), Billy Joel’s my favorite piano man, and West Elm holds the key to my interior decorating heart. Art has and always will be where my heart lies. Music, architecture, drawing, writing, and theatre have all played a major role in my life and ultimately led me to an unexpected adoration for photography, specifically telling stories through it. Elsewhere, you can often find me on the hunt for the perfect Bloody Mary, reading something good (send me your rec's!), skipping around the farmer’s market because I’m a hippie about food, occasionally running or hiking, or planning my next road trip with my husband.

Prior to photography, I worked in direct sales + e-commerce in the wine industry where I honed my interest in the art of selling a product which eventually led me to developing the commercial photography branch of Plum & Oak.



In 2013, my husband-then-boyfriend and I spent a week backpacking through the ragged and green Swiss Alps. It was a pretty magical trip full of rösti, Swiss wine, “Sound of Music”-esque hikes, cow bells, crystal clear lakes, villages straight out of a fairytale, and more cow bells. And on that trip, in a pub in the tiny car-free Alp town of Wengen over a glass of Hasseröder, I decided I needed to leave my career in the wine industry and wholeheartedly pursue the thing that made my heart sincerely happy: photography. 



They just get it. They understand they’re creating a marriage, not just a pretty wedding day. That being said, they want a freakin’ amazing day full of unique elements that infuse their relationship into every detail. They want their wedding photos to exude an energy that can be felt in every frame, taking them back to the moments they experienced and even the ones they missed. But most importantly, they want a friend in their photographer, not just another vendor. They want a real experience with a photographer, not just the end result. Getting married myself really reinforced in me how incredible it is to do justice to a wedding day through photos. There’s nothing quite like it and it’s all you’ve got once the night is over (beside a dapper spouse, of course). If I’ve resonated with you in any way, I think we may be a good fit together. And a coffee or wine date should probably happen in our future. 


Let's work together!

If you're ready to grab a drink together, inquire about availability, or book your wedding, click the button below or email me directly at: hello@plumandoakphoto.com


Little Details.

Guilty Pleasure: The Bachelor.

Weaknesses: Sour Patch Kids. Puppies. Avocados even at $3/ea.

Thing I Spend the Most Money On: Avocados at $3/ea.

Biggest Inconvenience: Parallel parking.

Three Things I do Daily: Listen to podcasts. Drink La Croix. Cuddle with my husband.

Least Favorite part of Adulting: Dishes. And trying not to eat popcorn for dinner.

Movie I Quote the Most: Stepbrothers.

Beach or Mountains?: Mountains.

N*SYNC or Backstreet Boys?: N*SYNC 4 lyfe.